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How Amazon uses Cialdini’s Persuasion Principles to Delight Customers?

To start with a beautiful quote,

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

– Lao Tzu


I can understand you “How is this quote related to this topic?”

Simply — Delighting Customer is a Journey and not an End.

For delighting a customer persuasion is one of the very best fuel.

Today we are going to see how Amazon is using Cialdini’s 7 Persuasion Principles to delight the customer.

Before jumping we can again take a look at Cialdini’s 7 Principles,

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This mindmap gives a concise idea about Cialdini’s 7 Persuasion Principles.

After I understood these principles deeply, I only had one analogy in mind to describe these Mind Blowing Principles,

Thano's Snap

Seriously…If one knows how to use these principles on humans he can persuade anyone for anything…

I am not exagerrating!

This is psychology and this how our human brain works.

Now coming back to our topic let’s tear down Amazon, Let’s start with Reciprocity

1.Scarcity: When You Believe Something Is in Short Supply…You Want It More!

Scarcity is defined as the perception of products seeming to become more attractive when their perceived availability is rather limited.

There are two elements of scarcity that you can use:

  1. Quantity (only 2 items left!)
  2. Time (last 5 days to join!)

Amazon’s execution,

Scarcity 1

Hoo! There is only 1 in stock, I must grab it asap.

Another execution example from amazon,

Scarcity 2

Today’s Deal

I should check out before this offer ends!

This is the principle that is used to persuade people with Fear of Loss. Amazon has brilliantly used here.

2.Reciprocity: Give a Little Something to Get a Little Something in Return

The idea of reciprocity says that people by nature feel obliged to provide either discounts or concessions to others if they’ve received favors from those others. Psychology explains this by stressing that we humans simply hate to feel indebted to other people!

Amazon’s execution,

Reciprocity 1

Want to buy a book, take a look at it…

Even you can read the 1st chapter to check whether this book suits your taste or not.

People really love to sample something before grabbing it and when they really enjoy it we can easily persuade them to buy our stuff.

Another Execution example is,

Reciprocity 2

Amazon Prime Video, offers us a 30-day FREE trial, to enjoy their services.

Another beautiful execution,

Reciprocity 3

Trying out Audible as easy as possible with Cancel Anytime Options and a bunch of other benefits.

Note: Whenever a person tries something, there are more chances that he/she buys out that them.

3.Authority: People Follow the Lead of Credible, Knowledgeable Experts

Ever wonder why people, in general, have a tendency to obey figures of authority, even if those figures of authority have questionable character and/or ask others to commit questionable acts?

It’s simply the essential nature of the human tendency.

Amazon serves this principle beautifully,


Take a look at how many places they have used authorization cues.


This dedicated page makes sure the Users are safe in their Site and Throughout their purchases.

4.Commitment: People Want Their Beliefs to Be Consistent With Their Values

The principle of commitment (and consistency, too) declares that we human beings have a deep need to be seen as consistent. As such, once we have publicly committed to something or someone, then we are so much more likely to go through and deliver on that commitment…hence consistency.

Amazon in India has succeeded because of this one crucial reason, Commitment

In Amazon, we can see their commitment everywhere in their site,


This shows that once you have become a prime member you can enjoy an array of offers and services from their ecosystem.

The Commitment & Consistency principle is also beautifully used in the checkout process!

Step 1 After choosing products one can choose to checkout or buy-now frictionless


Step 2 Selecting the payment method,


Step 3 Cross-checking once and placing the order,


Step 4 Selecting the payment type,


Now once the payment is completed, we all know the final part


This cheers us!

The best example of friction sales, right!

5.Social Proof: There’s Nothing Like Feeling Validated Based on What Others Are Doing

Cialdini defined social proof as people doing what they observe other people doing. It’s a principle that’s based upon the idea of safety in numbers.

Amazon’s execution,

Social Proof

Customer Reviews and Testimonials, they make us feel more secure.

Social Proof

Nowadays Amazon uses this more cleverly with the most used words, searches options, and even to find the reviewer’s account (credibility).

Next to time when reading a review think of the principle behind it!

6. Liking: The More You Like Someone, the More You’ll Be Persuaded by Him

What is it to like someone? According to Cialdini, “liking” someone increases the chances of being influenced by that individual. Liking is based on sharing something similar with people you like (you like dogs? I like dogs!), and it’s also based on something as superficial as how attractive a person’s looks are!

It’s a known fact that beautiful people sell more.

Amazon’s execution,


Wow! Like-Minded people… Then why shouldn’t I try this book also!

Simple but sweet!

Another way of execution,


If you are an artist then this should be in your arsenal,


Same art supplies in different names in different groups because out of this at least one will resonate with your liking.

Let’s see the final principle, this is our Gauntlet which holds all our Stones together,

7.Unity: We Are Just Like You

According to Cialdini, the Unity principle moves beyond surface-level similarities (which can still be influential, but under the Liking principle). Instead, he says, “It’s about shared identities.”

Amazon’s execution,


Here Amazon has united us their all major offers together in a package. Which one can get benefitted from a single subscription.

Another execution,


Are you working from home? Then these essentials will make your work easier!

Another commonly used example,


College Students share a common attribute in choosing a PC. So this will attract again the college-goers to check their products.

This is how Unity can really excite our prospects.

These are very few execution examples, I have explained in this article.

Make sure to read my previous articles to get deeper into this…

As always experiment, experiment, experiment with your marketing copies to better understand what is working and what is not.

To discuss more these principles or if I need to audit your website for persuasion cues just ping me or mail me

Finally, Use Persuasion Only for Good Purposes.

With 💜 & 💡

Naveen Kumar Sundaramoorthy

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