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Exploring Cialdini’s 7 Principles of Persuasion Part-2

Warm Greetings!

I am very excited to share my next article in the 12 part series “Psychology and Persuasion to Boost Sales”.

This article is the 2nd part of Cialdini’s 7 Principles of Persuasion.

Kindly take a look at the 1st article of Cialdini’s 7 Principles of Persuasion. To get a full understanding of these principles.

Now let’s jump into remaining 4 Principles deeply in this article,

Authority: People follow the lead of credible, knowledgeable experts.

Ever wonder why people, in general, have a tendency to obey figures of authority. Even if those figures of authority have questionable character and/or ask others to commit questionable acts? It’s the essential nature of the human-animal.

Accessories such as job titles (Dr., for instance) and uniforms can infuse authority into people, thus leading the average person to accept what a person in authority says without question. You can see this in commercials that utilize doctors or medical associations to front their ad campaigns.

Example of Execution

The use of this principle can be seen in the case of Vcare. A popular hair and skin treatment chain in South India. From their promotional ad to the website, they have used this principle exhaustively. Let’s see them on the action,



Vcare’s Television Ad Promo featuring Doctors and Dermatologists. Showing authority from the beginning.

No alt text provided for this image

Their Homepage featuring Authority via image and texts.

No alt text provided for this image

Another carousel with Authority and Likeliness principles.

No alt text provided for this image

Take a look at their CTA. Well played isn’t it with utmost authority.

This is the power of authority in action. This principle is used by many well-known brands in many forms.

Liking: The More You Like Someone, the More You’ll Be Persuaded by Him

What is it to like someone?

According to Cialdini, “Liking” someone increases the chances of being influenced by that individual. Liking is based on sharing something similar with people you like (you like dogs? I like dogs!), and it’s also based on something as superficial as how attractive a person’s looks are! It’s a known fact that beautiful people sell more.

Let us see the execution,

Example of Execution

BYJUS is a well known K12 platform and it is booming greatly. Their website is carefully crafted with the Liking Principle.

No alt text provided for this image

The Homepage of BYJUS consists of Shah Rukh Khan promoting the app, a kid enjoying the class, and Disney figures popping out which shows how learning is made fun.

No alt text provided for this image

This is one of their CTA and the same kid from the above image is there and again she is enjoying the class.

No alt text provided for this image

Boom! A Testimonial page, the secret weapon of the Liking principle. Very well crafted with Students & Parents.

No alt text provided for this image

This image is from the BYJUS print copy. It is very clear again they are emphasizing on the Liking principle more to persuade people.

This is one of the popular BYJUS ads and can you figure out the Liking Factor!

Next time you look at any of the BYJUS marketing material take a look at how they have infused this principle.

Another beautiful part is they maintain consistency in using the characters in all different formats of Ads.

Love you BYJUS…

Scarcity: When You Believe Something Is in Short Supply…You Want It More!

Scarcity is the perception of products seeming to become more attractive when their perceived availability is rather limited.

In my personal experience, this can be very effective when the scarcity is Authentic. Because (last 8 copies of E-Books is only available) sounds pretty stupid.

There are two elements of scarcity that you can use:

1.Quantity (only 2 items left!)

2.Time (last 5 days to join!)

Examples of Execution

Scarcity is one of the most popular Cialdini principles that various companies use over and over again in order to boost conversions and earn more money from people.

Airlines, travel sites, and hotels do it all the time:

No alt text provided for this image

Last Chance!

You have missed it.

The beauty of scarcity is that it works even if people are fully aware that it’s being used on them.

No alt text provided for this image

A great example of time-limited scarcity is provided on TheSouledStore website. It’s time to remember Avengers in the summer and how about a scarce offer!

No alt text provided for this image

We all know about the OnePlus Limited Editions super-elite smartphones. How crazy they sell when we all know it is priced too high but we all need it because of Scarcity.

Unity: “We are just like you.”

What do you have in common with your customer? The Unity Principle is the shared identity that the influencer shares with the influencee. Have you ever been to a party or conference and met someone that went to the same University as you did? Or maybe you two previously worked at the same company.

Did you feel an instant connection?

According to Cialdini, the Unity principle moves beyond surface-level similarities (which can still be influential, but under the Liking principle). Instead, he says, “It’s about shared identities.”

So, how can you use the unity principle for optimization?

1. Use Specific and Unique Jargon: What’s one of the most cohesive groups around today? Crossfit junkies.

It’s the perfect unity, as it is a meaningless group identity (centered around working out in the same place at the same time), but invokes tremendous pride and self-esteem. They have their own language and practices. They have a WOD (workout of the day), AMRAP (as many reps as possible), T2B (toes to bar), and many more terms. To the outside, they can sometimes look like a cult.

But on the inside, it’s certain that CrossFit has accomplished unbridled loyalty and passion among its members.

2. Convey Exclusivity: In Pre-Suasion, Cialdini talks about how Unity can be embodied by both a “join the group” and a “be one of the few” ways.

CrossFit would fit more of the former, but conveying exclusivity or some sort of specialty can be effective as well.

When I think of “the few, the proud,” I think of the Indian Navy and what a cohesive identity and pride they have!

3. Invoke Family Ties: For many people, the family is their strongest tie. One example Cialdini gave in the book was particularly telling.

“In one of his college classes, Cialdini wanted to compare the attitudes of students and their parents by having both fill out questionnaires. Student compliance was always very high – one ignores homework assignments at one’s own peril! But, parents typically responded at a far lower rate, often below 20%.

One small tweak to the assignment increased the parent response rate to 97%. What was a simple intervention? Cialdini said he would give the students an extra point on one test if their parents completed the survey.

One point on one test in a semester-long course is an inconsequential benefit. It would be unlikely to have any impact at all on the student’s final grade. But, by invoking the concept of helping a family member, Cialdini increased the response rate fivefold, from poor to nearly perfect.”

4. Co-creation or Sharing an Experience: Finally, in a section all to its own in the book, Cialdini explains that Unity can be conveyed by the shared experience. This sort of builds off the Ikea Effect, but there’s also another neat creative way you can execute on this principle (as optimizers, you’ll like this).

The Unity Principle is all about appealing to a “We” – a cohesive identity that is shared by a group. Use it judiciously and authentically, and especially in conjunction with other methods of persuasion, it can be very powerful.

Finally, Empathy is the one critical trait that differentiates a successful salesman and others.


Take a look at this video which will empower you with the Unity principle.

To Summarize the Cialdini’s 7 Principles of Persuasion

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Thanks a lot for reading my article. If you found it useful I am very happy.

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